Voices Without Borders

I recently co-founded a community organisation called Voices Without Borders. Along with two others (pictured above), we created a platform to document the stories and lives of refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic. Voices Without Borders is a space in which the journey of a refugee can be better understood, igniting solidarity through increased awareness and knowledge.

It is a platform where refugees can voice their stories in their own narrative, sparking a dialogue that overcomes current existing misconceptions. We are all equal and we can all become a refugee. 

We spoke and interviewed refugees across the world, transcribed their powerful stories and documented them online. My photographic vision for this project was to show the subject through a screen by various windows in my flat in order to portray the fact that the whole world is currently stuck indoors but we can still find ways to connect and communicate with each other during this time. 

Through combining photography with storytelling, we held an exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan as an official event for Refugee Week UK. The exhibition ran for a week and reached 25,000 people across the world from social media promotion. To read the stories and stay up to date on future activities please see our Voices Without Borders website. 

If 2020 has shown us anything so far it is that we need to fight for a more equal and inclusive world. A world where all voices are heard and no one is left behind. Everyone can make a difference and everyone can bring about change.

There are currently 70.8 million forcibly displaced people in the world. This figure has doubled over the last 20 years. 25.9 million of these are refugees…“It’s not the virus that wipes out our lives - it is the hatred that has forced us on our knees. It’s called racism. Racism kills.” - Ro Yassin Abdumonab, Rohingya refugee.